The direction of activity of the Lancet company

Business areas

Lancet’s main focus is to provide Russian healthcare centers with a complex of innovative pharmaceuticals, high-technology equipment and high-quality devices.

The company has set six priority areas:

  • Contrast Media;
  • Blood coagulation & clotting disorders;
  • Pulmonology and Rare diseases;
  • Anesthesiology and Intensive Care;
  • Oncology;
  • Rheumatology.

In our work we rely on trends in international medicine, global experience in promotion and marketing strategies of manufacturing companies. At the same time we are committed to taking some special features of the Russian healthcare system at federal and regional levels into account.

For the first time, innovation, integrity and compliance with international standards of medicine were successfully implemented in our package proposal for cardioangiology:

  • contrast agents for CT and MRI in combination with the equipment (injectors) and devices for their injection;
  • full range of medicines for acute coronary syndrome treatment;
  • devices and accessories for interventional surgery;
  • unique equipment for determining current functioning of the endothelium and the overall health of the heart, and assessing individual effectiveness of medications;
  • complex of the equipment for rehabilitation of patients with acute coronary syndrome;
  • “Lancet - cardiomonitoring” software to control all the stages of diagnostics and treatment of patients.

Our main objective is to implement a complex solution approach in every area of our business.

We perform a complete cycle of distribution and marketing services, from registration and import to development and implementation of customized promotional programs across Russia.

In cooperation with professional scientific societies, we support programs aimed at developing the Russian healthcare system in accordance with the trends of international medicine and the latest standards of treatment of socially significant diseases. International innovations become available to Russian healthcare specialists in their daily practice by virtue of Lancet operating units' efforts.