Regarding the people policy

Regarding the people policy

The people policy is in line with the company's mission and is aligned with its financial situation. It is rooted in the company's values and complies with the laws of the Russian Federation. It encompasses the fundamental principles of managing people in various domains, including recruitment, adaptation, goal setting, training and development, performance evaluation, career planning, compensation, dismissal, motivation, and employee engagement management. Additionally, it includes a code of conduct that governs employee interactions.

We are a team of individuals who share common values and beliefs, working together towards a common goal.

Our values

Upholding the value of human life, mutual trust and respect, growth and impactful changes, accountability to oneself and the team.

In our day-to-day operations, we are guided by our values when it comes to interacting with each other, managing our employees, and serving our clients.

Regarding the company's structure

Through the establishment of a functional structure, we ensure that departments align with the specific needs of both internal and external clients.

Building upon the functional structure, we create an organizational structure that serves as the foundation for developing the staffing schedule.

In terms of compensation

At our company, remuneration is determined based on market data relevant to the pharmaceutical industry. We consider the unique aspects of different professions and the demand for specific competencies. Compensation is structured to appropriately differentiate between fixed salary and bonus components, ensuring a fair and competitive reward system.

In terms of working conditions

Based on the nature of their work, all employees in the company are categorized into different groups: office-based, warehouse-based, and those with travel/remote/hybrid work arrangements.

When it comes to recruitment and adaptation

For vacant positions, we prioritize internal talent reserves, followed by conducting an independent search, and only then do we engage external partners for recruitment.

We approach employee adaptation with a strong sense of responsibility. We ensure not only a comprehensive immersion into the company's rules and norms but also diversify the adaptation process based on the position level and function.

Regarding personnel evaluation

In our company, we regularly assess the competencies of our employees. This assessment process involves open dialogues between managers and employees to gain a shared understanding of their competency level and developmental progress. Managers provide feedback to support and adjust employee performance.

When evaluating employee performance, we consider the extent to which they have achieved their stated goals. The criteria for goal attainment can be both quantitative and qualitative. We measure quantitative criteria and assess qualitative criteria through surveys.

We assess effectiveness by comparing the results achieved with the resources invested and adherence to the budget. If a goal is accomplished at a disproportionately high cost, we consider it incomplete.

We conduct retrospective analyses of work results to identify areas for potential improvement. We learn from these experiences and strive to enhance our future activities, accumulating knowledge to train others effectively.

When it comes to parting ways with employees

The company views termination of employment as a measure of last resort, utilized only in cases where an employee consistently disregards corporate values, fails to meet job responsibilities, or intentionally harms the company's reputation and assets. The termination process is carried out meticulously and in strict compliance with the law.

Alongside managing employee-employer relationships within the parameters of labor laws, the company places significant emphasis on fostering employee engagement.

When it comes to employee engagement

We have high expectations for our personnel in terms of their engagement and loyalty. We actively seek feedback and assess employee loyalty on a regular basis. By sharing the results and working together, we strive to create a vibrant, dynamic, and competitive team.

Regarding motivation

We prioritize maintaining a high level of motivation among our employees to achieve results, enhance their professional skills, and receive recognition. Active involvement in project work plays a crucial role in fostering this motivation.

Regarding training

The company is dedicated to supporting employees in acquiring new knowledge and skills that are essential for accomplishing our mission.

Regarding knowledge retention

The company documents its knowledge through competencies. To safeguard and enhance expertise within the organization, we establish a talent pipeline. This pool is continuously refreshed with the most promising employees identified through competency assessments.

Regarding career advancement

Furthermore, the company fosters opportunities for career growth, encompassing vertical, horizontal, and subject matter expert trajectories, all accompanied by equitable compensation.

To achieve this, the development of both individual and corporate competencies, tenure in specific roles, job performance, and proactiveness are crucial factors.

Regarding leaders

Our leaders guide the company through a continuous flow of changes to achieve mission-driven performance and effectiveness in both the short and long term. They acknowledge the value of diverse behavioral styles and use them to build a team that complements one another. They embrace style conflicts, addressing them openly and constructively, which fosters personal and team development while inspiring positive change.

The company's leaders actively cultivate communication to enhance engagement, involvement, and a deep understanding of how each employee contributes to the company's mission.

We employ both administrative and integrative management styles, combining the setting of specific goals and reporting on company performance with effective delegation, collaboration among synergistic teams on projects, and public recognition of achievements.

Regarding corporate behavior rules

The company places great importance on respecting the personal boundaries of employees, and we have established internal guidelines in the form of a corporate code of conduct. This code emphasizes the value of treating colleagues with respect and courtesy.

Regarding the protection of company assets

The company expects employees to demonstrate a responsible attitude towards both intellectual and physical property. We have transparent monitoring and observation processes in place to ensure the proper safeguarding of company resources. We also recognize the significance of documenting our accountability, including financial responsibilities.

Regarding knowledge preservation

In our company, it is a standard practice to document the achieved results in a format suitable for the specific situation. We sign agreements to ensure the protection of the company's intellectual property that we have created.

Regarding compliance with the law

We stay vigilant about changes in labor legislation and occupational health and safety regulations, swiftly implementing any necessary updates.

Regarding work-life balance

We strive to create an environment and provide conditions that promote a healthy work-life balance. We offer modern work arrangements that accommodate personal needs.

Regarding social benefits

Our company offers comprehensive social benefits that not only meet legal and industry standards but also align with our values and mission.