Information about the Lancet company

On the cutting edge of medical techno-logies

Lancet is a modern fast-growing pharma distributor offering in-house expertise and scale. We are one of the leaders of the public hospital market in Russia.

Our sustainable growth is driven by partnerships with world-class manufacturers of cutting-edge medical products. Our core competency and key to business success is an ongoing effort to enhance complex solutions for various therapeutic areas, e.g. diagnostics, inpatient care and distribution of high-quality medicines to benefit- and reimbursement-entitled residents.

According to IQVIA, Lancet Group of Companies belongs to the top 10 Russian distributors in the gross sales market, having increased its sales by 53% as compared to the same period last year. Based on the result of the 1st quarter 2022, Lancet Group of Companies:

  • Keeps its 2nd position among the distributors by the distributor-to-pharmacy sales volume*
  • Keeps its position within TOP 10 Russian distributors of pharmaceuticals by the volume of sales for the government procurement*

  • Data source: *IQVIA

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