Lancet Code of Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Lancet strictly adheres to business ethics and complies with all applicable laws and regulations, guidelines and industry rules.

Our company conducts business in accordance with the high standards of its code of ethics and principles of economic, social and environmental responsibility and integrity. We do expect the same approach from all partners and third parties. The “Code of Business Conduct” is an internal document which outlines Lancet’s core business principals. We are proud to embed them into our corporate culture.

The principals below are an integral part of our corporate DNA to be observed, honed and exercised by all our employees, day in day out:

  • honesty, fairness, decency and responsibility as a foundational value;
  • open and honest relationship with authorities, legal entities and individuals;
  • clear long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with customers, suppliers and partners;
  • financially transparent operations and integrity;
  • operation in compliance with all applicable competition laws;
  • business development under the principle of social responsibility;
  • creation of the best environment for employees to perform and develop;
  • strengthening Lancet’s reputation and brand.