Project Effective in-patient hospital proves its efficacy


Project Effective in-patient hospital proves its efficacy

Starting from 2017 the Project is being delivered by Lancet Plc which is one of the leaders in inpatient sector work with more than 10 years of experience in partnership with non-governmental organization Russian Sepsis Forum.

Over 1.5 thousand specialists participated in the Congress, among which leading Russian scientists, global scientific schools in the field of HAI prevention, healthcare administrators, clinicians, microbiologists, epidemiologists from than 70 regions of the Russian Federation, European region countries, Japan, Jordan, the RSA.
The specialists discussed a wide range of issues related to implementation of strategy for prevention of antimicrobial resistance prevalence. The problem has crossed the threshold of being exclusively a medical issue and is acknowledged in the XXI century as a global problem of the humanity. Issues of provision of not only high-quality, but epidemiologically safe healthcare services, in particular prevention of sepsis the most dreadful complication of hospital-acquired infections are becoming especially topical. 30 million cases of sepsis are registered in the world annually, one death every 3 seconds, about 6 million deaths per year, - sepsis is the cause of 60 80 % of deaths in developing countries.
At the Congress experts of Russian Sepsis Forum presented reports on modern approaches to the problem of prevention, detection and treatment of sepsis in in-patient clinic conditions. Hospital epidemiologist, Deputy Chief Doctor on epidemiological work of FSBU Burdenko National Scientific and Practical Center for Neurosurgery, professor Olga Nikolaenvna Ershova analyzed the preliminary results of Project Effective in-patient hospital.  

Within the framework of the Project Effective in-patient hospital complex analysis of healthcare facilities is performed on the basis of which leading experts develop personified recommendations on treatment, diagnostics and prevention of hospital-acquired infections, improvement of standard of knowledge and practical skills of doctors and nurses in application of infections control standards.

Vladimir Vitalievich Kulabukhov, PhD, leading research associate of N.V. Sklifosovsky First Aid Scientific Research Institute, associate professor of surgery chair of Faculty of Fundamental Medicine of Lomonosov Moscow State University, President of Russian Sepsis Forum emphasized high social significance of the Project.

The World Health Assembly has recognized sepsis as a global priority problem, - he said. Dramatic though it might sound, life and death of people is behind it, it may effect everyone. Introduction of novel antibiotics wont solve the problem without taking adequate HAI risk minimization measures.

Preliminary results of the Project Effective in-patient hospital let us speak about the efficacy of application of the expert-recommended complex measures for infection control, prevention of severe complications development, about improvement of key clinical and financial indicators of in-patient hospitals participating in the Project.

General Director of Lancet Plc Anton Olegovich Zybin and the head of therapeutic direction Anesthesiology and intensive care medicine Marina Vladimirovna Ambartsumyan express appreciation to the partners, experts of Russian Sepsis Forum on behalf of the Company for highly professional contribution and engagement in implementation of the Project Effective in-patient hospital.