Antithrombotic workshop White Nights in St. Petersburg


Antithrombotic workshop White Nights in St. Petersburg

An antithrombotic workshop called White Nights in St. Petersburg, being a part of the cycle of scientific activities of the National Scientific Society Inflammation, was held in St. Petersburg on March 16, 2014, with the support of Lancet.

The purpose of the cycle of scientific activities in the framework of the educational program of the section Hemostasis was to make the scientific advances in the field of antithrombotic therapy an everyday tool in the hands of a modern doctor.

The workshop attracted so much interest, that the Conference hall could barely accommodate all the doctors wishing to participate in it. Prof. L.I. Buryachkovskaya noted the importance of an individual approach to the prescription and evaluation of the antiplatelet therapy effectiveness in patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) in her lecture Antiplatelet therapy in cardiology: how to make treatment more effective.

The dual antiplatelet therapy is a worldwide recognized standard of care for patients with AMI. It is proved, that aspirin (for lifetime) and clopidogrel (within 12 months after the onset of the disease) improves the prognosis, reduces the incidence of cardiovascular complications, and mortality from coronary heart disease.

However, up to 30% of patients do not respond to aspirin. Low sensitivity to clopidogrel is also a quite common condition caused by the genetic characteristics of a patient. Therefore, determination of suppression of platelet aggregation is an important diagnostic test.

The simplest and most commonly used in the world technique of rapid assessment in such cases is the VerifyNow test, performed with a system of the same name. The method is highly sensitive, specific, easy to use, and requires no special training. The test allows assessing the risks of therapy for the patient, identifying the patients more likely to greater risk for both bleeding or ischemic events (re-thrombosis), as and correctly choosing the effective treatment.

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