The strategy and tactics of complicated ischemic heart disease treatment


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The strategy and tactics of complicated ischemic heart disease treatment

The all-Russia conference with international participation “The strategy and tactics of complicated ischemic heart disease treatment” took place on the 6th of June 2014 in Cheboksary.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of Chuvash Republic, BI “The Republican Cardiologic Dispensary” of Cheboksary, with the assistance of the Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons of Russia.

Tatyana Bogdanova, the acting Minister of Health and Social Development Chuvash Republic, expressed in her opening speech to the Conference the hope that the specialists will be able to share valuable experiences, and make new discoveries for themselves, which may be successfully implemented in a professional medical practice. “In turn, we and our leading specialists in the field of cardiology and cardiac surgery will work towards the adoption of optimal medical and managerial decisions, introduction of amendments to the national program for the development of health care in the country according to the wishes and recommendations of your professional community, following the results of the conference,” – said Tatyana.


The Conference was attended by experts from more than 15 cities of Russia. The honorary chairman of the Conference was Vincent Dor one of the most famous world-renowned surgeons, the author of a unique methodology, founder of the clinic having received its popularity among patients and cardiac surgery professionals.

Topical issues and practical recommendations in four acute topics were covered in the scientific program of the event:

  • Left ventricular aneurysm: pathophysiology and diagnostics
  • Left ventricular aneurysm: surgical treatment
  • Surgical and endovascular treatment of heart failure and heart rhythm disorder
  • Complicated forms of ischemic heart disease